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PAACO has established a special designation for programs that meet or exceed our standards for audit instruments, auditor training and qualified auditors. All three of these areas earn and maintain Certified status. "Accredited" is the highest designation that can be attained and merits recognition due to covering the entire scope of a quality audit program.


Animal Welfare Review Program -- Dairy

Matt Jones, Director of Audits & Assessments

Meat Plant

American Meat Institute Foundation Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines & Audit Guide 2010 Edition

Janet Riley, Senior Vice President
Public Affairs & Professional Development


PAACO has a formal process to review and certify audits that meet board-established minimum standards for a welfare audit. Audits are reviewed against the standards by an expert panel in the area which the audit covers. An evaluation is conducted and documented by the panel and a recommendation is then made to the PAACO board of directors, who certify the audit on an annual basis. Programs that have an "Accredited" designation are considered to have Certified audits. Click here to see the PAACO Minimum Standards for Assessments of Animal Welfare Audits.


FACTA Certified - Animal Welfare Audit Program - Pork

Anne Visconti, Lead Swine Animal Welfare Auditor

National Pork Board PQA Plus Swine Well-Being Verification Guide V2.0

Dinah Peebles, Certification Program Manager


PAACO conducts training programs based on board-established minimum standards and reviews, documents and monitors trainings for species welfare auditors conducted by other professional training groups. (Standards are available upon request.) Certification of training standards by a third party are done on an annual basis. Programs that have an "Accredited" designation are considered to have Certified training.

Certified Training Programs

Meat Plant Slaughter
PAACO Meat Plant Animal Welfare Auditor Training

PAACO Poultry Welfare Auditor Training

Pork Quality Assurance Plus Verifier Training