CE Opportunities

Date Species Details CE Hour(s)
1580018400Jan 26-29, 2020Dairy
IDFA Dairy Forum
Scottsdale, Arizona
Species: Dairy
Topic: Processing, Production, Marketing, Technology
Web link: https://www.idfa.org/events/dairyforum
1579759200Jan 23-25, 2020Aqua
Southern Div. American Fisheries Societe
Waco, Texas
Species: Aqua
Topic: Health, Production, Technology
Web link: https://units.fisheries.org/tx/tc-meetings/2020-meeting-home-page/
1580018400Jan 26-29, 2020Aqua
Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference
Springfield, Illinois
Species: Aqua
Topic: Conservation
Web link: http://www.midwestfw.org/index.html
1580796000Feb 4-5, 2020Pork
Illinois Pork Expo
Springfield, Illinois
Species: Pork
Web link: https://ilpork.com/expo/2020-il-pork-expo
1580882400Feb 5-7, 2020Cattle
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
New Orleans, Louisiana
Species: Cattle
Topic: Helath, Welfare, Production
Web link: https://convention.beefusa.org/
1580191200Jan 28-31, 2020Dairy
National Mastitis Council
Orlando, Florida
Species: Dairy
Topic: Health, Welfare, Production
Web link: http://meeting.nmconline.org/
1580191200Jan 28-29, 2020Pork
Minnesota Pork Congress
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Species: Pork
Web link: https://www.mnporkcongress.com/
Lead Auditor Training (ISO 9001:2015)

January 13-14, 2020 - Long Beach, CA
September 14-15, 2020 - Portland, OR

Species: Auditing
Topic: Auditing, Standards
Web link: https://asq.org/training/16-hour-iso-90012015-lead-auditor-training-exemplar-global-certified-la162015
1581400800Feb 11-13, 2020Livestock
World Ag Expo
Tulare, California
Species: Livestock
Topic: Equipment, Production, Health, Technology
Web link: https://www.worldagexpo.com/
1580191200Jan 28-30, 2020Poultry, Processing
International Production & Processing Expo
Atlanta, Georgia
Species: Poultry, Processing
Topic: Production, Processing, Welfare, Equipment
Web link: http://ippexpo.com/
1582178400Feb 20, 2020Pork
Michigan Pork Conference
Lansing, Michigan
Species: Pork
Web link: http://www.mipork.org/michigan-pork-conference/
1581487200Feb 12-15, 2020Poultry
National Turkey Federation Annual Meeting
Nashville, Tennessee
Species: Poultry
Topic: Welfare, Health, Production, Marketing
Web link: https://www.eatturkey.org/events/
1583730000Mar 9-11, 2020Pork
Pork 101
Species: Pork
Topic: Health, Production, Stockmanship, Processing
Web link: http://www.meatscience.org/events-education/pork-101
1581228000Feb 9-12, 2020Aqua
Aquaculture America 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii
Species: Aqua
Topic: Health, Production, Conservation, Technology
Web link: https://www.was.org/meeting/code/AA2020
1583560800Mar 7-10, 2020Pork
American Association of Swine Veterinarians
Atlanda, Georgia
Species: Pork
Topic: Health, Production, Welfare, Technology
Web link: https://www.aasv.org/annmtg/
1584334800Mar 16-17, 2020Poultry
North Central Avian Disease Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Species: Poultry
Topic: Health
Web link: http://midwestpoultry.com/attendees/ncadc/
1584421200Mar 17-19, 2020Poultry
Midwest Poultry Federation Convention
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Species: Poultry
Topic: Production, Health, Processing
Web link: http://midwestpoultry.com/attendees/convention-schedule/
Animal Welfare Information Center Workshop (USDA)
Beltsville, Maryland

March 12-13, 2020
May 14-15, 2020
October 8-9, 2020

Species: All
Topic: Welfare
Web link: https://www.nal.usda.gov/awic/awic-workshop
1585630800Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2020Beef
NCBA Legislative Conference
Washington, Washington DC
Species: Beef
Topic: Legislative, Leadership
Web link: http://www.beefusa.org/legislativeconference.aspx
1586149200Apr 6-7, 2020Dairy
Dairy Herd Health & Nutrition Conference
East Syracuse, New York
Species: Dairy
Topic: Health, Nutrition, Production
Web link: https://prodairy.cals.cornell.edu/conferences/herd-health-nutrition/
1586840400Apr 14-15, 2020Poultry
Egg Industry Issues Forum
Des Moines, Iowa
Species: Poultry
Topic: Production, Welfare, Marketing, Technology
Web link: https://www.eggindustrycenter.org/egg-forum/savedat/
1586840400Apr 14-16, 2020Poultry
Poultry Symposium for Production & Processing
Rogers, Arkansas
Species: Poultry
Topic: Production, Processing
Web link: https://www.thepoultryfederation.com/events/4-production-symposium
1585458000Mar 29 - Apr 1, 2020Poultry
Western Poultry Disease Conference
Sacramento, California
Species: Poultry
Topic: Health
Web link: http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/confreg/?confid=922
International Course on Poultry Production
Raleigh, North Carolina
Species: Poultry
Web link: https://poultry.ces.ncsu.edu/international-course-on-poultry-production/
1588827600May 7-8, 2020Poultry, Large animal
Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit
Arlington, Virginia
Species: Poultry, Large animal
Topic: Marketing, Communications, Other
Web link: https://www.animalagalliance.org/about/#events
1546322400Jan 2019 - Dec 2020Beef
NCBA Stockmanship and Stewardship
Species: Beef
Topic: Stockmanship, Environment
Web link: https://www.stockmanshipandstewardship.org/events
1580882400Feb 5-7, 2020
Cattlemen's College – NCBA Convention
San Antonio, Texas

Held in conjunction with the NCBA Annual Convention

Web link: https://convention.beefusa.org/events-meetings/cattlemens-college
1589778000May 18-21, 2020Poultry
Poultry Health Management School (PHMS)
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Poultry Health Management School (PHMS) is a well-known, established entity designed to teach modern practices in poultry production and how to implement them on the farm. 2019 boasted attendees from 20 U.S. states, two Canadian provinces and four countries.

For 2020, there will be 2 total schools—one turkey/broiler school and one layer school. 

Species: Poultry
Topic: Health Management
Web link: https://poultryhealthschool.com/
1584507600Mar 18-19, 2020
Alberta Farm Animal Care - Livestock Care Conference
Olds, Alberta, Canada
Web link: https://www.afac.ab.ca/livestock-care-conference/2020-event/
BQA modules
Web link: https://bqa.beeflearningcenter.org/catalog/
Temple Grandin Glass Walls Videos
Web link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkBbso1kwZ3bZTqN5MBLqHWGpRqPCH7gK
World Aquaculture Society
Multiple - Multiple

Aquaculture America 2020 - February 9-12 - Hawaii
Aquaculture Innovation Workshop 2020 - April 30-May 1 - New York
Aquaculture UK 2020 - May 19-21 - Scotland
World Aquaculture 2020 - June 8-12 - Singpore
Aquaculture Canada - August 30-September 2 - Newfoundland

Web link: https://www.was.org/EventCalendar.aspx
1581141600Feb 8-9, 2020Felines, Canines, Equine
Applied Animal Behavior
Madison, Wisconsin

Participants attending this conference will come away with expanded knowledge in clinical and shelter behavior for felines and canines. Equine behavior topics will also be discussed, addressing assessment of pain, anxiety and fear. The lectures will focus on the veterinarian’s role in recognizing and managing common behavior issues in these species. By attending this conference, you will learn how to provide better behavior care for your animal patients and the latest treatment options for behavioral problems seen in a private practice and shelter setting. Featured speakers at the conference include Dr. Jeannine Berger, Dr. Katherine Pankratz and Dr. Robin Foster.

Species: Felines, Canines, Equine
Topic: Animal Behavior
Web link: https://apps.vetmed.wisc.edu/cereg/
1581487200Feb 12-13, 2020Dairy
PDPW: Dairy Wellbeing Workshop
Green Bay, Wisconsin

PDPW Dairy Wellbeing Workshops will be held Feb. 12 and 13, 2020 at the Tundra Lodge Resort Waterpark & Conference Center in Green Bay, Wis. In this one day program farm owners, herdspeople, managers, veterinarians, and allied industry will learn from leading experts in animal care, as well as take part in a behind-the-scenes tour of the American Foods Group plant and hear from their buyers, market experts and USDA meat inspectors. Dr. Kurt Vogel will discuss cull cow quality referencing some findings from a McDonald’s study, along with indicators of stressful animal handling. Dr. Don Höglund will share how animals learn and how we need to train ourselves on better handling, housing and habits that will help when working with our cows. This program is eligible for up to 6.5 Non-Scientific Continuing Education Hours.

Species: Dairy
Web link: https://apps.vetmed.wisc.edu/cereg/
1582696800Feb 26-27, 2020Dairy
Dairyland Initiative - After the Audit: On Farm Improvements
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In response to the growing number of dairy cattle welfare audits in the United States, Dr. Nigel Cook, Dr. Jennifer Van Os, and Courtney Halbach will combine lectures, discussions, and group work to provide practical and economical on-farm improvements to participants who are looking to improve welfare audit results, optimize performance, and address consumer concerns about animal care. Barn design and management strategies such as calf raising, adult cow ventilation and cooling, stall design and surface, and hoof health management will be discussed to improve animal well-being on-farm. >>>Participants must bring a computer that runs Microsoft Excel to partake in the group exercises.<<< Thanks to the generous support of Saputo Inc., all U.S. dairy farmers are eligible for a 25% discount on registration for this workshop.

Species: Dairy
Topic: Audits, Improvements, Animal Welfare
Web link: https://apps.vetmed.wisc.edu/cereg/
1589778000May 18-21, 2020Egg, Poultry
National Egg Quality School (NEQS)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A combination of lectures, individualized instruction and hands-on laboratory experience has proven to be a successful technique in preparing students to be a more knowledgable egg emissary. The class will be divided into sections of six students, each with an instructor who will work with their section throughout the course – reviewing and explaining lecture material, answering questions, instructing them in the laboratory and preparing students for the exam.

Species: Egg, Poultry
Web link: http://neqs.org/
1592456400Jun 18-20, 2020Beef Cattle, Welfare
International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare
East Lansing, Michigan - Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

The International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare is held every other year. Michigan State University is honored to host the 2020 symposium. The symposium will be held June 18-20, 2020 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing, Michigan. The symposium brings together renowned beef experts that will discuss their latest applied research findings as well as current and emerging animal welfare issues that face the beef cattle industry. The symposium features topics of interest for producers, processors, retailers, government officials, NGOs, animal scientists, veterinarians and students. The symposium plans to apply for continuing education credits are available for veterinarians and animal health technologists.

Species: Beef Cattle, Welfare
Web link: https://www.canr.msu.edu/beefwelfare2020/